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Short-Stay Exchange
The Verein is pleased to report continued success with our 6-week summer exchange program between middle school students in Esslingen and Sheboygan. There are sometimes minor issues that need resolving, but for the most part the feedback we receive from families after the exchange is positive.

The American students and their chaperone generally arrive in Esslingen in mid-July as the Esslingen school year is ending, fly with their partners and chaperones back to Sheboygan in the second week of August, and the German students and chaperone return to Esslingen at the end of August.

Short Stay Exchange 2018

During their time in Esslingen the group activities include meeting for ice cream, a welcome party, attending a German crash course while their partners attend the last 3 days of school, lunch with a representative from the City of Esslingen (often Dr. Markus Raab), and two day trips - for instance to Ulm and to Tübingen - with organizers from the Verein.

Short Stay Exchange 2017

While in Sheboygan the group activities have been a picnic and grill-out with Sheboygan's mayor, meeting for ice cream and mini-golf, a half-day trip to an alpaca farm, two day trips to Chicago and Wisconsin Dells, and a farewell party. The host parents in Sheboygan sometimes organize pool or beach parties among themselves.

Short Stay Exchange 2016

The goals of our 6-week summer exchange, which began in 2010, are to build lasting friendships, to provide a close look into everyday life in another country and culture, and encourage international understanding. The American students get a taste of living in another language, and the German students are able to strengthen their English language skills.

Information and program details for the upcoming Short-Stay Exchange are provided by the VES to the 8th grade classes at each of the four Gymnasien in Esslingen at the beginning of each school year in time for Parents' Night.

Additional Society Activities

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